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About PDCPD.......
Polydicyclopentadiene (PDCPD) is the polymer product by dicyclopentadiene catalyzed by catalyst. It is commonly used as a thermosetting material in engineering. Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) is a by-product of ethane production and coal coking from fossil oil.

The molecular structure of DCPD
PDCPD engineering plastic is a new type material with high engineering and physical performance. It is provided with high shock strength, flexural modulus, solidity and high distortion temperature, and perfect ageing resistance.
Advantages of PDCPD products:

a.       High mechanical balance: PDCPD performs better in shock strength and flexural modulus than nylon and polyurethane, making it applicable both for surface decorating      
         items and structural parts;

b.       Excellent performance at low temperature: PDCPD product is relatively stable in performance whatever any changes of temperature. This makes it applicable in devices or               components which are used in extremely temperature conditions;

c.       Capacity of tolerance: PDCPD product is not easy to be corroded by acid and alkali, and suits for any devices which require strong corrosive ability.

d.       Paintability: PDCPD product surface is easy to be painted by oil paint or be decorated by coating film;

e.       Low density similar to water: PDCPD products are light in weight and applicable in production of devices with high strength but low weight.
For now, PDCPD is widely used in motor vehicle, engineering, medical industry, as well as in sport equipment, petrochemical pipeline product and other civilian facilities. With long-term researches by famous companies in the world, such as Caterpillar, Terex Corporation, Liebherr Group, Volvo, SMCC and Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., Komatsu Ltd., the applications of PDCPD spread widely. The excellent performance of PDCPD as high efficiency, low-cost, environmental friendly and low carbon emission makes PDCPD product attractive in the market. PDCPD product also brings both high economic interest and social benefits.

 PDCPD equipment

PDCPD-Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) product equipment includes high pressure injection machine, heater (hot and cold water), mould, mould carrier, product line auxiliary and smart control system.

We produce PDCPD equipment to meet the market requirement and the development of the new material and technology.

Besides PDCPD equipment production, as a leading member, we joint in the China PDCPD Development Group, to supply raw to end service including basic material, catalysts, equipment, mould and RIM process technique.

Injection machine functions to mix two DCPD raw solutions (A & B which are both with catalyst) in designed weight and under designed pressure, and then push the mixed-well raw material into mould where the reaction molding completes.

Injection machine consists of storage tank, circulation line, and the mixing head. Storage tank is equipped with temperature control system, plunger, nitrogen gas protection device and auto-feeding system; circulation line includes controlled volume pump (with error <1.5%), filter and heat exchange device; the mixing head is the main part of RIM, its function decides the homogeneity of raw material (A & B mixture).

To improve the use efficiency of injection machine, the application of ‘one machine with various heads’ is helpful.

We mainly supply DCPD high-pressure injection machine with DH-100 and DH-150 types. We also can supply customized services for bigger or smaller equipment requirement.

Mold carrier can fix and open/close the mould, so its clamping force, clamping accuracy, parallelism and rigidity are fatal parameters. Our PDCPD-RIM machine employs horizontal clamping system to guarantee its open/close performance.

The mould is mainly steel, but we can supply various designed moulds according to customer’s requirement. The mould surface is capable for plating to improve the fineness of the product surface. Differ to other mould, DCPD mould designed its unique structure, including sprue, runner, air vent and cold pit. Equipped with designed back-mixing system, DCPD mould leads to high mixing and molding efficiency.

Auxiliary device mainly includes polish table, conveyer belt, mold temperature controller, hot-cold water heater and rotary drum machine.

Polish table is used to shear the overlap and other flaws on the product surface automatically to make extremely good surface finish.

Mold temperature controller is useful to maintain specific temperature which fluctuates from 70℃ to 90℃ depending on various conditions.

Hot-cold water heater is supplying cold and hot water to maintain the raw material (A &B) at specific temperature.

Rotary drum machine is used to re-mix the raw materials after a period of unwork.
Our product in use: